Before and After School Club

We offer a Before and After School Club to and from Thundersley Primary School for children aged 4 - 11 years.

Our "Breakfast Club" is open from 7.30am, the children are offered a healthy breakfast including cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurt. The children leave the Nursery at 8.30am and are taken to school using our own private minibus.

Our "After School Club" runs from 3.00pm - 5.00pm/6.30pm depending on what session suits your needs.  The children are collected from school and brought back to Nursery in our minibus.  The children have a wide range of activities, projects and resources to explore and investigate.  We encourage freedom of choice and independence, allowing the children to wind down after their busy school day.  We have incorporated many home comforts including cosy lounge area for the children to relax, alternatively the children can take part in activities and games in our wonderful outdoor environment.  The children also have the opportunity to complete any homework with the support of the Room Leader. Tea is provided at 4.30pm. For Menus please see our Healthy Living and Nutrition page for more information.