"Children want the same things we want, To Laugh, To be Challenged, To be Entertained and Delighted."  - Dr Seuss

We aim to ensure that every child's experience at Nursery is comfortable and enjoyable.  We fully respect every child and their family as individuals, we feel that working closely and forming that bond is a vital aspect in meeting all of your child's unique needs.

We have the following strategies in place to full support every stage of your child's transition...

Transition from home to Nursery...

Here at The Enchanted Wood we have a settle session process. However as every child and family is unique we fully understand that one settle approach may work for one child and not for another.

We endeavour to work together with each and every family as individuals in order to show full support through this settling in and separation period.

We have the following resources to reinforce this support...

  • Initial full tour of the Nursery, during this time any questions you may have can be answered.
  • Information pack.
  • Settle leaflet
  • Individual room leaflets.
  • "All About Me" forms
  • "Initial Assessment" forms - these are completed with the parents/carers and your child's key worker.
  • Photographs for your child's individual family books are requested.
  • Day Books
  • In the Bunnies and Hedgehogs rooms, individual daily routines are documented.
  • Learning Journeys.
  • If there are any additional needs such as SEND, strategies are put in place and links with other professionals involved with your child are established immediately.

"Savannah was 7 months old when she started The Enchanted Wood and I was really nervous.  The staff however reassured me how happy she would be, Savannah settled very well." SM's Mummy.


Transition within the Nursery...

When it is time for your child to move up into the next room, settle sessions will be arranged so they are able to become familiar with their new surroundings with ease. Your child's key worker will accompany them for settle sessions to meet their new key worker and friends.  You will be introduced to the practitioners in the room and given a leaflet with all the relevant information.

All family books, photographs and Learning Journeys are passed on, along with the key worker's transition reports.

"Owen recently moved from Squirrels to Badgers with ease, no issues with the new staff as he was already familiar with everyone before the move." OJ's Mummy.

Transition to School...

We ensure that all children are prepared for their transition into school.  We have excellent relationships with all of our feeder primary schools. Our local schools have provided us with photo books for the children to look through at their leisure as well as uniforms that are used as part of role play.

Where possible visits to the school with key workers are arranged, we also always encourage the reception class teachers to visit the children at Nursery.  Transition reports are sent to the school's for every child.

Our goal is to support each child as much as we can to ensure that they feel happy and safe in their new school environment.

"Effective links with local primary schools support children's smooth transition to the school." Anne Daly, Ofsted 2012.